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I am trying to set up a smtp relay on one of my domain controllers. The server runs server 2008 SP2. I tried to set this up forever ago and had to work on something else so now i'm back to hopefully finish.

It seems that every single email I send to the relay just sits in the queue folder for a couple of minutes then it moves to badmail. I opened the most recent bdr file and it has a error code of 0xC00402C7.

I installed stmp features and the IIS 6 mgmt console. I set up the properties of the smtp server and entered a smarthost ip address. Then I restarted smtp services after the changes were applied.

I opened up my firewall on the server, and I opened up the subsequent port on the hardware firewall.

I ran the seven relay tests listed on kb304897 and got the expected results from each one. I'm not sure where I misconfigured something. Where else do I need to look?

When I test connect through telnet from my laptop to the smtp server I can cause a mail to queue and then move to the drop folder if I go from one local domain account to another local domain account (M.com to M.com). When I do this and look at the mail in the drop folder the x-recipient is set to one of my local m.com accounts where the sender has the mc.com account name. It would seem I need to make the x-recipient resolve to the correct email address too or it wont ever deliver. Everything destined outside the network goes to badmail no matter what the destination address is. I test by trying to email my gmail account, it fails with the error posted above and the bdl error text posted as a comment below.

I think part of my issue has to do with the fact that all of our email addresses are not hosted on site and they are all for a domain name that does not match the local domain. Somehow I have to tell my smtp server that M.com (domain) and MC.com (existing email accounts domain) are the same thing. Can that simply be done through the email property of the Active directory user objects?

my relay options are set up so that, my smtp server ip, and my other two server's ips are allowed to relay. Then the checkbox for "successful authenticated can relay" is checked at the bottom. Under my domains in the smtp I have both my local M.com domain and my remote mc.com domain. Hopefully that's the only place I need to set that.

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Could you post some more detail from the .BDR file? –  Chris McKeown Apr 3 '12 at 21:07
Unable to deliver this message because the follow error was encountered: "This message is a delivery status notification that cannot be delivered.". The specific error code was 0xC00402C7. The message sender was <>. The message was intended for the following recipients. snotifies@mc.com tsc@m.com –  TWood Apr 4 '12 at 13:10
Did you manage to get this working in the end? I'm having the same problems now with all of my mails going from the Queue straight to the Badmail folder rather than being delivered, so just wondered how you managed to fix yours. –  TabbyCool Mar 14 '13 at 12:43

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