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I am new to MOSS/SharePoint administration. Any pointers on any utilities which can help me in monitoring/reporting MOSS?

Also, is it possible to generate site specific reports for storage space used for each site?

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For monitoring disk used: SharePoint Space Monitor

On Reporting.

For general administration of sharepoint, theres is a wealth of information available online on Microsoft's site, also many books have been published on the topic. Check Google.

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You may also want to take a look at the SharePoint administration toolkit. It includes the SharePoint Diagnostics Tool which gives you a unified view of your SharePoint farm.

SharePoint Administration Toolkit Download

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If your new to SharePoint I'd suggest checking out either of the following admin tools.

Both tools offer the features your looking for.

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If you're the scripting, command-line type(even otherwise), I would recommend learning up on two items:

Storage stats could be calculated using something like this:

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