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I'm not advanced administrator so this may be n00b question but I'll be grateful for help.

I have following problem: I have to move my server (ubuntu server) from old machine to new. I have samba & ldap on old server, so I've copied the configuration files from the old machine to new machine, made smbldap-populate, and when I use smbldap-userlist on the new machine it lists all users from the old machine. But when I try to log in as any of these users, or show its id (id username) I get no such user error.

What more I have to do to use these accounts on the new machnie?

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It's likely you haven't copied the PAM configuration that actually tells the system to use LDAP to look up users. Take a look in /etc/pam.d on the old system. Depending on the version, you're looking at system-auth and possibly a few others.

If you have copied these configs, you should be looking at various logs in /var/log for any errors related to PAM. If you do find some and you're not sure how to proceed, go ahead and update your original question with those log entries.

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You are almost right. I had different hostname in pam.d configuration (until I'll replace servers I'm using different host name for new machine). Thank you for hint! – Mateusz W Apr 5 '12 at 11:28

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