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I am trying to find out how can I give out more than one DNS suffix on a DC with the Windows DHCP server. Is it possible somehow? (Win 2K8 with XP, Win7 and Linux clients)

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It sounds like this is what you're looking for: – joeqwerty Apr 5 '12 at 10:53
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You can use DHCP option 119 for a domain search list. It's format is a String which is semi-colon delimited (e.g.;


Which DHCP Client OS Support DHCP Option 119 Domain Suffix Search?

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Thank you. A bit closer to the solution, but the win7 clients do not ask/ignore (haven't made a tcpdump yet) the 119. I read it is only work from GPO, but the clients are not logged into the AD, so I am stuck here – Gabor Vincze Apr 6 '12 at 7:08

If you have linux clients (and Macs) you can use DHCP option 119 Domain-search-list. If you have a WIndows DHCP server then in the windows DHCP snap-in you'll find it in the server scope pre-defined options. You have to add option 119 there. You have to choose byte array and you have to enter the bytes of the search domains in a kind of weird pascal string format. It's easier to enter them backwards in windows DHCP snap-in., would be in hex:

02 0x065 0x78 03 0x63 0x6f 0x6d 0x00 0x02 0x61 0x6d 0x03 0x63 0x6f 0x6d 0x00
2bytes e x 3bytes c o m 0null 2bytes a m 3bytes c o m 0null

Windows clients will ignore this though. For them you have to use a GPO.

It's much simpler with a linux DHCP server.

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Some DHCP servers have the ability to assign a DNS suffix search list to DHCP clients through the use of DHCP option 119; however, Windows Server does not support this functionality by default. Furthermore, Windows DHCP clients do not support option 119 at all. Option 119 can be created manually on a Windows DHCP server using the procedure listed in DHCP Search Options, but this will only provide a DNS suffix search list to non-Windows clients that support it. In short, there is no way to assign a DNS suffix search list to a Windows client using DHCP.

A DNS suffix search list can be assigned to domain-joined Windows machines via Group Policy by following the procedure in Configure the DNS Suffix Search List for a Disjoint Namespace.

Information source - Unable to configure DNS suffix search list via DHCP @ Dell Knowledge base

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