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I have a Solaris machine ( Solaris installed on Netra-T2000 HW , Solaris version – 5.10 )

I wrote the script called update_after_solaris_already_boot.ksh

This script should automatically update some files/configuration after Solaris completely has finished the boot process.

My question: Where do I need to put script in order to run my it only after Solaris is completely booted?

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If you don't want/need to manage your script using services (svcs) then you could put your script in /etc/rc3.d e.g. /etc/rc3.d/S99update_after_solaris_already_boot.ksh. The files here are run in lexicographical order and must start with an S to started at run level 3. Have a read of the /etc/init.d/README and /etc/rc3.d/README files for more information.

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