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Is there way to replicate in near-realtime MySQL changes to equal PostgreSQL database?

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Postgres 9.1 supports so-called "foreign data wrappers" which allow you to interact with third-party products, e.g. MySQL, Oracle or even non-relational stuff like text files and Reddis. Check it out:

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that (in theory) can be useful to PG=>MY replication using triggers, but not back :( – datacompboy Apr 7 '12 at 11:26

Not sure if there are opensource tools, but GoldenGate which was acquired by Oracle claims to replicate between any major databases. Now that MySQL is also Oracle I won't be surprised that this is supported, but you should contact them if you are interested. I personally have not used this product but have a friend who used to work in the heterogenous database replicatio there. So this is just a pointer for you.

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exist pgslony replication tool but I am not sure that can help you, for very easy used is possible write job in postgres, you can try your favorite language, for example python or perl

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