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I managed to install bazaar on slicehost - but I am not sure how to make the repository web accessible. Any suggestions?

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For read-only repositories, you just need to put the directory containing the .bzr folder in a web-accessible directory. There is no web server module like subversion uses (though of course mod_dav_svn is what allows for read/write access over HTTP, which Bazaar does not do.

You should create the directory in the web space using

bzr init-repo --no-trees directory

Then push a local repository to this (using bzr+ssh or sftp). That will ensure that only the repository files are in the web space and that it is not a full working directory. If after the push your folder just contains a .bzr folder, you've done it correctly.

You should of course take whatever steps are appropriate to secure / authenticate / log access to the web space.

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With ssh. You can do bzr command ssh://

This happens automatically since ssh just works. Just setup keys and such so you can skip out on all passwords and such

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