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I'm having a Cisco VPN connection to access our branch office. Since several people using the VPN I'm planing to install the VPN client on one of our server and share it through RRAS to save the licenses (like site - to - site).

I install RRAS on a windows 2008 R2 (svrw2k8r2) and made the static routes on client computers. I could able to ping to the VPN's IP on svrw2k8r2 server but they can't seems to connect to the servers in other branch through this setup.

Below is my setup

My Branch Server: svrw2k8r2 - Windows 2008 R2 IP: VPN IP:

Clients Win7 IP: - 110 / 24

Other Branch Servers IP:

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You may have to setup NAT to hide your client IP. Others branch may not have the route back to your private lan, as it is not meant for a true site2site at the beginning.

I would add the Nat feature and give it a try.

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