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i have purchased a domain from

The domain is actually hosted on my server with ip Also the DNS(Bind) is hosted on this ip. now i want to manage this domain's dns from my own bind dns server. I have installed virtualmin. i have inserted the name server and as nameservers. but i am unable to get the dns resolve Here is screenshot of virtualmin dns records.

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you need to tell the registrar / company you bought your domain from [] that is an authoritative source of information for

and.. in most cases you'll need to have at least two dns servers, not just one. you can use free dns like this one to be your secondary dns.

usually you'll have to have to provide host names [rather than ip address] together with ip addreses for your name you'll delegate to the following address:

  • /
  • [ or ns1 or ns2 - check this ]

on your own server you'll have to create basic dns record for zone - something that will contain at least:

@ IN NS ; yes it's a dot at the end and it's correct
ns1 IN A
www IN A
; and probably more

you'll have to configure your bind to allow zone transfer to the name servers of [ you'll find the list of their source ips here ]. to prevent abuse:

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It's really unclear from your description where the problem is.
So here's the general steps you'd go through.

  1. Buy domain from registrar.
  2. Get hosting for DNS.
    • If you're self-hosting DNS, setup Glue records with Registrar.
    • Point Nameserver records to DNS Host for Domain with Registrar.
  3. Get web site hosting.
    • If self-hosting, through VPS or whatever, you can skip this step.
  4. At DNS Host create records for website.
    • Specifically you'll want A records for www and @ (@ = default record) that point to the IP of your webhost.
  5. If you want e-mail setup for the site you'll need to configure DNS for that too. Since you didn't mention it, I'm not filling this one out, it's a lot more steps.
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