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I'm trying to make

/ -> /foo/index.html
/(about|people|contact) -> /foo/(about|people|contact).html
/blah.(jpg|css|js) -> /foo/blah.(jpg|css|js)

but also

/index.html -> 404
/(about|people|contact).html -> 404
* -> 404

So far I have:

  # Serve our home page.
  location / {
    root /foo/;

  location = / {
    alias /foo/;

  location ~ /(about|people|contact) {
    default_type text/html;
    alias /foo/$1.html;

  location ~ /(.+\.(jpg|css|js)) {
    root /foo/;

While this exposes the files I want exposed via the non-.html URLs, it doesn't 404 any files.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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The problem is that the very first thing I had tried (not mentioned in my question),

location = / { alias /foo/index.html; }

results in

"/var/www/intro/index.htmlindex.html" is not a directory

In my question above, I changed this to something that at least could serve the page, plus a useless line that conveyed my intention:

location / { root /foo/; }
location = / { alias /foo/; } # seems to be ignored

From http://ngxbot.lustfield.net/logs/%23nginx/2012/01/%23nginx.19.log I found that you can replace the second line with:

location = / { root /foo/; rewrite ^ /index.html break; }

Then make location / point somewhere else, e.g. an empty directory:

location / { root /var/www/; }

Not sure this is the most elegant solution, but it seems to work.

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