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I currently have a Windows Server running beneath my desk and was considering replacing it with a ESXi layer to run both a Windows and Unix virtual machine. The ESXi is going to give me some nice advantages that I can use but I am still stuck on this issue:

The server is mainly used as a fileserver/local webserver, and I use Windows tasks to hibernate/wake the machine at night. Also there is an aggressive disk spin down timeout to reduce noise.

With ESXi, this will not be possible to do any more. I could live with the server running 24/7, but I would really like to spin down the disks when not in use. Is there a way to do this on ESXi?

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You should perhaps consider other options, like installing Windows Hyper-V or even installing VMware Server (free) on the windows machine.

You could manage the power status of the server with VMware vSphere, but you would need to buy expensive licenses, configure vCenter etc.

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