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A web applications sends two emails:

  1. to the user of the webapp
  2. to the administrator

the administrators mailbox (qmail) is on the same machine as the web application (php, apache, /usr/sbin/sendmail).

email 1 works, email 2 sometimes doesn't work. I don't see any pattern in the mails that don't work. Also because I don't exactly know WHICH emails failed (since the email itself would be the only notification).

email 2 looks like this:

from: <username@userdomain.tld> #changes for each user
to: <>

What could be the problem?

Are rejected emails stored somewhere? (if they are rejected.. how do I check this?)

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you have to look in the logs to see what's happening behind the scene...

  • for qmail-smtpd look into: /var/log/qmail/smtpd/current
  • for qmail look into: /var/log/qmail/current

that should guide you towards where do you need to take a look

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