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I wrote a C# 4.0 application that works on a Windows computer but when using Group Policy to set it as a login script, it does not run. The application is being called from the same location and using rsop.msc shows that the application should be run.

I see that using C# 4.0 may be a little overkill for this purpose, but it just seems wrong to write a VB6 application to do the same thing.

The requirements for the application states that there need to be specific GUI elements that can't be just text on the window. I need larger fonts and color elements.

Is there something more appropriate (and current) that I should be using?

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Would you be better off assigning the app through GP, or do you only want it to run at logon? – kafka Apr 11 '12 at 14:23
It is a logon script defined in GP already. – jayPal Apr 11 '12 at 15:08

Why not use powershell? In a lot of cases Powershell can run your C# code too.

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group policy supports only Any language supported by Windows Script Host, including the VBScript, JavaScript, PERL, and MS-DOS®-style batch files (.bat and .cmd).

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