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(Not completely a programming thing, hence not on SO, but more system related so thought SF could help, sorry if I'm missing a better place)

We've recently started a Maker/Hackerspace in Northern Ireland, and we want to put together an extendible system for rolling out information screens across the space, ideally with a script-driven interface to what is displayed on different screens in different areas of the space at different times.

Things like Network Statistics from our RFlow service, or Occupancy statistics from our Auth-server, or VM-performance statistics, or just tweets about the space or the IRC channel.

The machines that would run the screens would be fairly isolated and low power, we're thinking Raspberry Pis (if we can get our hands on a number of them) or some old EEE-PCs.

FOSS heavily preferred

Any ideas?

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I kind of get the sense that you're wanting to do this for as low cost as possible, so I guess systems like Scala are out of the question.

Perhaps something web-driven would be the easiest choice here? I would imagine that it would be much easier for you to get some kind of php/perl/whatever hacker to create a service which relays the data (like IRC, stats etc) inside a web page, and then just get some minimal Linux distro's to run on those low-powered pc's, and just refresh different webpages at intervals?

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