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This script will start the services:


description ""
author      "Geert"

  for service in "website" "feeds" "jobs"
    exec start service=$service
end script

The service script looks like this:


description ""
author      "Geert"

start on (local-filesystems and net-device-up IFACE=eth0) 
stop  on shutdown

respawn                # restart when job dies

instance $service

  exec /home/fs/.nvm/v0.6.7/bin/coffee /home/fs/Dropbox/work/2012/krafters/$
end script

The problem I have is that it only seems to be creating the website service.

initctl list | grep example stop/waiting (website) start/running, process 22787
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Firstly, Upstart job configuration files (.conf files) are not scripts in the conventional sense: the first line you have ('#!upstart') is completely redundant and will be treated only as a comment.

Your problem is the use of 'exec' in the first .conf file with the for loop: exec replaces the currently running shell with whatever argument you give exec so only the first entry in the for loop will be run.

To fix this, simply remove 'exec' in the first .conf file.

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