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I am configuring an Ubuntu server on Amazon EC2. The tutorial I am following says /etc/host to be configured like this.       localhost.domain.com   localhost
X.X.X.X         subdomain.domain.com   subdomain

Suppose my site name is abc.com. Is the current configuration correct for my site.       localhost.abc.com   localhost
X.X.X.X         www.abc.com         www

I have a doubt regarding subdomain. How exactly are they identified and written?

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the second line should have been

X.X.X.X www.abc.com www

domains are hierarchical, so you can have sub1.abc.com, www.sub1.abc.com, or even www.sub2.sub1.abc.com, etc.

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sorry! i intended it to be www. Is www a subdomain ? –  Terminal Apr 11 '12 at 14:29
here no, www is a host name, not a subdomain normally, but it could be, if you have www2.www.abc.com etc., but normally www is a host or a cname to mean that it serves web pages. it is entirely up to you, but a logical and intuitive system would help others, such as www.hr.abc.com, www.marketing.abc.com, etc. –  johnshen64 Apr 11 '12 at 14:34

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