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I have a MAMP 1.9 install on Lion and would like to start using python with it. Mainly to learn and develop django sites.

I am very new to python in general. In my research I found that I either need mod_python or mod_wsgi to make it work. But found little instructions on how to proceed and make it work.

So what's the difference between mod_wsgi and mod_python? which one is better?

and is there any guide on how to install it to work with mamp 1.9's apache and mysql? Ideally a step by step guide..


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Both can run in embedded mode, but only mod_wsgi can run in daemonmode. Mod_wsgi is also written in C, so it has less overhead than mod_python (meaning lower memory/cpu footprint). Another reason to use mod_wsgi over python is that mod_python is dead.

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FWIW. The core of mod_python is written in C as well. Depending on what parts of mod_python you use, it then has varying depth of Python code on top of that. – Graham Dumpleton Apr 12 '12 at 1:13

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