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I am in dire straights over here. We just changed our LAN from a to a We run Active Directory in our environment and our gateway is a Cisco 5505 ASA. Since the change, our clients can VPN in and make a connection but cannot RDP to any machines that they need to get to on the LAN that they VPN into. I updated the VPN address pool and DNS servers but I'm not sure what else I need to configure. I can send anything you need as I am not an expert and I really, really appreciate the help!

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Can you provide some of the configuration details from the device? I'd suspect that there's something wrong with NAT exemptions or maybe a split tunnel ACL. – Shane Madden Apr 11 '12 at 18:46

i'm not familiar with asa too, but you could take a look at ACL's part, from your description it looks like you didn't updated them. show access-list will show your acl's. also, you can take a look at whole config by running this command show running-config, maybe you will see some old ip's there.

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