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Is there a way in zfs to find out where blocks for a particular file are stored? I'd like to be able to ask for the locations of all the blocks for a file, including ditto blocks.

(Yes, I understand that this is low-level stuff not normally exposed to users.)

(v0.6.0.56-rc8, ZFS pool version 28, ZFS filesystem version 5, Ubuntu 11.10)

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This is non trivial and possibly beyond the scope of an SF question/answer as the tools required don't appear well documented. You can probably use zdb(1m) in conjunction with the on disk format doc to find the information you want. There is a blog on how to do this here


use ls -i to get the initial inode.

use zdb -ddddd <inodenum> to get the block information and decode it using the ODF

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You can use ls -i to see the initial inode, after that I'd suggest reading the source code published to understand the on-disk data structures. After you've completed that I'd suggest writing your own tools to read the raw device and assemble all the block layout information you're interested in. There is a small-ish ZFS API (libzfs) project that only offers basic ZFS configuration like listing, creating etc. zpools.

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