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I have a pfsense box with 6 LAN ports. I'd like to use one as the WAN port, and 5 as local LAN ports, just like a home gateway/router. How to setup the LAN ports so that they are all in the same subnet? It seems that the bridging function only wants to bridge between WAN and LAN?

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Three major steps are required for this:

1) Assign and enable all the additional interfaces. These will show up by default as OPTn interfaces. You can rename them to whatever you like (maybe LANn instead?) - just be sure to enable them as well. Here is a screenshot of my interfaces:

pfSense Interface Assignments

2) Create a new bridge that has the original LAN interfaces and all of the LANn as members.

pfSnese Create Bridge

3) Add a firewall rule to allow traffic across each interface of the bridge. I would suggest starting with a rule like "Protocol: any, Source: LAN subnet, Destination: LAN subnet". Depending on your needs you may also want to add a rule to allow internet access as well.

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