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What is the best practice to analyze whether the EC2 server/loadbalancer is overloaded? We can get some stats from Cloudwatch . But is there a user friendly way to analyze Cloudwatch data ??

Question update

What I have implemented is I have a load balancer, and an autoscaling group associated with it. In the autoscaling group , min no of instances is 2 and maximum is 10. I have also set two alarms to for the scaleUp and scaleDown policy by 1. The scale down policy is for CPU Utilization less than 20 , and scaleUp policy for CPU Utilization greater than 80.

I have been trying analyze the data on CloudWatch . But I am yet not able to figure out the overload of my server. How much instances should be the optimal minimal instances running? How can i figure out these from the cloud watch analytics?

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Can you please be more specific with your requirements? What do you mean by "user friendly", and what "analysis" tasks do you want to perform? There are many ways to assess whether your instance is overloaded or not; what criteria would you want to use? – Mike Apr 12 '12 at 13:48
I have updated my question with more details. Thanks. – user116518 Apr 13 '12 at 6:07

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