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From my computer, I want to query my DHCP server to find a specific mac adress. I want to enter the hostname to search, and getting back the Mac address.

Something like :

netsh dhcp server scope show clients |find hostname

This command line doesn't works, but maybe you have some tips ?

Thank you,

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If you remove the |find hostname, what error messages do you receive? I can see two issues: 1.) You're not specifying the dhcp server name/IP, netsh dhcp server \\servername... 2.) You're not specifying which scope you want: netsh dhcp server \\servername scope show clients. – jscott Apr 12 '12 at 12:50
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If you are comfortable with Powershell, this script will help you find what you need:

This script almost works as well. It currently lists extra clients. Some regex magic with the find command parameters could fix this. Save to to a .cmd file and specify your dhcppserver and a valid scope.

for /f "skip=4 delims=: tokens=2" %%a in ('nslookup %1') do set IP=%%a
netsh dhcp server \\ourdhcpsvr scope show clients|findstr "%IP%"
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With netsh dhcp server \\servername scope show clients you get a list without client names, when you add "1" at the end of this line, you get the client names as well:

netsh dhcp server \\servername scope show clients 1
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