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I just set up nginx as a http/https reverse proxy and it worked well.

After that, I realized that for some domains ftp services are available. I was able to install ftp.proxy and it also works well, although it just handles one single domain.

My question is: Is there any possibility to reverse proxy ftp services based on hostnames/domains like I do with nginx for http?

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For a similar question/request, see:… – Castaglia Jan 30 at 21:06
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Good news: There's SuSE FTP-Proxy Suite, which is a lightweight, easy to configure ftp-proxy for exactly the task you are looking for. It used to be easy to install to any other distro, too.

Bad news: The development of FTP-Proxy stopped quite a while ago. Anyway, you can download the sources and compile it yourself.

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And it is still included in Debian packages. – Michaël Witrant Sep 6 '12 at 10:02

No, ftp doesn't have an equivalent of the HTTP/1.1 Host header so each FTP service has to have its own IP.

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As of RFC 7151, this is no longer true. FTP now has an official HOST command, which provides functionality equivalent to HTTP 1.1's Host request header. – Castaglia Jan 27 at 22:24

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