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Say I have a domain and a server accessible at I have configured the DNS entries so that and point to I have g-wan running on the web server. Now I want to host different web sites on and on

According to the documentation I have to configure a root host and optionally some virtual hosts. So I choose to be the root host. is a virtual host. My problems is that g-wan seems to ignore my virtual host. No matter whether I use or g-wan always serves the content.

This is my g-wan "config":


What am I doing wrong here?

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The G-WAN FAQs explain how it works: – Gil Sep 1 '12 at 4:42

I am not sure but I believe that the www. prefix is hard-coded as an alias already.

You should rather try with something like (providing that your DNS records are set, and that the client will use this domain name as the "Host: xxx" HTTP header then it should work for you too).

To simplify things you can use the G-WAN aliases feature for different domain names serving a same site and the virtual hosts (or another listener) for different sites.

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