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I have installed Windows Server 2008 R2 on a virtual machine with a bridged network card and installed Active Directory. I configured it and when I try to connect my laptop to the domain name, in this case, (doesn't exist, don't try, for local only), I can't get connected.

My laptop just doesn't see it. I don't know why! There's a resume of my config:

Domain Name:
Forest: new, principal domain controller
IP: Fixed (
DNS Name: none (just for local, I ignored them)

If someone as found why, please help me! This is for my business that I'm starting and I can't find why it doesn't work!

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I assume your laptop isn't the virtual host? :) – Bryan Apr 15 '12 at 10:11
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It'll be a DNS thing.

Your laptop will need to be configured to use the DNS server of your VM.

I don't quite understand your setup (is this VM on your laptop or somewhere else?) but the typical setup is as follows:

  • DNS configured when you create the server as a domain controller (install ADDS and DNS)
  • DNS forwarders (or whatever) configured to point to your ISP etc
  • Domain controller DNS (network properties) set to
  • DHCP scopes configured to use your domain controller as DNS
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