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I'm running Wireshark 1.6.7 (latest available release) x64 on Windows 7 x64.
I only have a single network card on this computer, and Wireshark shows only it as an available adapter to capture packets on.

If I establish a VPN connection (using Windows' built-in VPN client), Wireshark:

  • doesn't show any additional adapter to capture packets on, and
  • doesn't see any network traffic flowing through the VPN tunnel.

How can I monitor the traffic on a VPN connection using Wireshark on Windows 7?

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Looks like it's not possible at all :-(

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Not useful for all scenarios, but one workaround is to run Virtualisation. Run your VPN on your host, and then run the traffic and wireshark capture on the Guest machine

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It's not possible to capture PPP/VPN traffic with Wireshark on Win7 OS. How can I configure Wireshark to list my dial up connection as a possible capture interface?

Maybe you can try this tool;

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Useful, but -1 for spamming. That product looks in no way like a network sniffer. – Massimo Apr 18 '12 at 6:16

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