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I am investigating options for doing recorded telephone message calls to batches of users (about 400 max) for a client.

Ideally a vendor or technology with little or no startup cost, and a reasonable per-use fee - the calls would be used by a emergency management department only to announce updates to town residents in case of emergency, so we could go years without using it, and would rather pay a bit more for each call when we use it then pay monthly for a system that will likely not get that much use.


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It's already out there:

The company happens to be headquartered in the town I live in, and I've met the owner a couple of times. I have no relationship with the company but I've heard that their Customers really like it. The owner and I talked about their back-end technology a couple of months ago and I was impressed that they clearly had "tech people" who knew what they were doing.

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Well, there are hundreds of them out there, each offering various packages for prices, most have a emergency only option for cities. I will link a few of them below.

School messenger- Have heard good things, mostly focused on schools
US Netcom- have had bad experiences with them
Connect Ed- seems to offer the best integration for what you are looking for
Synrevoice- focuses mainly on school connections

Usually these services will charge an initial connection fee, followed up by a monthly maintenance fee. For emergency services only, they will generally have a set limit of the amount of calls you can make per year, with any additional calls being made at an additional expense. I am more familiar with their school pricing, however, so I can not speak to additional practices. good luck.

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