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Requires 2 Debian live (with different file systems and kernels) on a flash drive. Thus there are two sets of boot files (filesystem.packages, filesystem.squashfs, initrd.img, vmlinuz). The first set is in the folder "live", and the second in the "main". I use syslinux, and my syslinux.cfg is:

label First Debian
  kernel /live/vmlinuz
  append initrd=/live/initrd.img boot=live config

label Second Debian
  kernel /main/vmlinuz
  append initrd=/main/initrd.img boot=main config

But the Second Debian can not boot. I have not found the documentation that is responsible for "append boot=..." parameter and I am not sure that I use it correctly. How to load a Second Debian?

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I'm not familiar with syslinux, but I found this through a Google search. Create a MultiBoot USB from Linux

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