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I installed for testing win server 2008 and its really easy to get remote access. Just enable RA with one click and then im able to get access with my win 7 with mstsc.exe - IF I would install a linux server, lets say ubuntu server because I heard its the easiest for newbies like me, can I get remote access that easy too with mstsc? Would everything work that easy? I just ask, because if its a big act and its that hard, its maybe not a good idea to play around with a linux server.

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agree with $UtahJarhead. if you would like to get some linux experience, maybe installing a desktop vm on your windows machine to try your hand at the command line in a more friendly environment before moving to a server. – Hersheezy Apr 17 '12 at 13:50

You're looking to the wrong tool with Linux. With Linux, and assuming you're booting to a graphical interface like gnome, kde, or xfce, you will want to use a VNC client. It's similar to mstsc.exe, but a bit more widely adopted.

On a side note, Ubuntu Server by default does not come with a graphical interface, so you would be relegated to using a Command Line Interface (CLI) over ssh or something similar. ssh is the standard. Everything in Linux can be maintained over a command line.

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