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Ubuntu 11.10

Everything worked when I first setup statsd and graphite. Once I rebooted, it no longer works, which makes me think something about graphite or carbon needs to be started.

Now that I've rebooted, I go to a terminal and type

node stats.js dConfig.js

And statsd sayd "server is up". I have dumpMessages = true, so I see all of the messages hitting the statsd server.

Graphite is on the same machine so dConfig.js has dConfig.js also has port 2003 for graphite. I don't think I changed the port from 2003, but where do I find that?

The problem is, I cannot see any of the stats in the graphite console. I can nav to http:/ and see the graphite console. I even see old counters and timers. But I do not see any new data in the graph.

An example msg to statsd is:


So in graphite, I look for slolife / TimingTests, but cannot find that stat/folder.

What do I need to start or check to get the data to show in Graphite?

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Turns out carbon was not running. When i would run this command:

sudo /opt/graphite/bin/ start

It would return:

Pidfile /opt/graphite/storage/ already exists, is carbon-cache already running?

I figured it was running. But I tried running, and it said it couldn't connect to port 2003.

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