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I'm pretty new to Active Directory and SharePoint but I was given to understand they are supposed to play well together.

Now I have successfully set up AD with multiple user accounts that work on any member computer. I have also successfully installed SharePoint 2010 Server on an AD machine. Both the AD server and SharePoint servers are on separate machines (VMs running on ESXi to be precise).

I can only log on with user accounts I create on the local server. Furthermore the user browser thing for adding users will only see local users.

I've followed the advice here for Classic authentication and also NTLM claims based authentication but to no avail.

Is there something fundamental I am getting wrong here? I'd be really thankful for any help you can lend me; I've been googling and scratching my head for a couple of days now.


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This is actually my question, I just had a fumble at logging in for a moment. – Pyro Apr 18 '12 at 10:14
You may want to take a look on the sharepoint Q&A site: – uSlackr Apr 18 '12 at 12:08

Go to Central Administration -> Service Applications and synchronize the User Profile service with Active Directory

More information can be found here:

Edit: Here is a better step by step guide to enabling it to work with AD

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