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I am using rsync over ssh and trying without success to sync files to a place inside user home directory.

All the time rsync seams to want to use full paths.

Tried things like:

  • rsync --rsh=ssh /src/ user@server:/dst - obviously creates it in root if it can
  • rsync --rsh=ssh /src/ user@server:~/dst
  • rsync --rsh=ssh /src/ user@server:~dst - creades ~dst in root!
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What is the result of 2nd command? It should copy the contents of directory /src into the dst directory under user home directory. – Khaled Apr 18 '12 at 12:20
@Khaled it doesnt because it gets expanded by the local shell to the home directory of the current user, not the home directory of the remote user. – Patrick Apr 20 '12 at 22:38
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Dont try to use an absolute file path on the destination, the default is home.

Leave the path off to place it in home:

rsync /src user@server:

Or use a relative path to place it somewhere relative to home

rsync /src user@server:srccopy

Note you dont need --rsh=ssh either as its the default.

If you wish to copy into the home directory of a user that isnt the one youre logging into the remote machine with, you need to escape the ~ with quotes or a backslash. For example

rsync /src user@server:\~otheruser/
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