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I created a custom AMI based on the Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit AMI from Amazon. When I try to start it up, I get an error:

ec2-run-instances -t t1.micro ami-c0b368a9 -k showcase -z us-east-1a

Client.InvalidParameterValue: The requested instance type's architecture (i386) does not match the architecture in the manifest for aki-825ea7eb (x86_64)

When I look in the FAQs here:

it says "All instance types can run 64-bit AMIs."

How can I start a 64-bit AMI?

I'm running ec2-api-tools and ec2-ami-tools 1.3-45758 on OSX.

Any help would be much appreciated.

*UPDATE:* I created the AMI incorrectly, when registering an AMI from a snapshot, I needed to provide --architecture x86_64 to the ec2-register command.

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Your ami-c0b368a9 is 32-bit.

For some reason, it was registered with a 64-bit kernel image (aki-825ea7eb).

Your AMI and AKI need to match in architecture.

You could simply specify a 32-bit kernel to run with the 32-bit AMI, but it's probably best to build and register the AMI correctly.

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Thanks after thinking about your answer "register the AMI correctly" I found that I can specify the architecture on the command line for ec2-register: > ec2-register -s snap-56b3ca2b --kernel aki-825ea7eb --architecture x86_64 --description "Web2py 1.99.7 base install with nginx, uwsgi, rabbitmq 2.8.1" --name "web2py-1.99.7_nginx_uwsgi_v2" – Robin Apr 18 '12 at 23:54

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