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I am trying to check/change my network card speed settings with RedHat 5 and a Proliant G6 server from HP.
On eth0 I can not really use ethtool - it just says Link detected. The network card is a Broadcom NetXtremee II BCM5709.
Is there any other tool from HP for this task.
The output of setting the speed is:"Can not get current device settings: Operation not supported - not settings speed not setting duplex".

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Why can't you use ethtool? What options did you use and what was the output? – Bram Apr 19 '12 at 6:32
I have updated the output/error message. – weismat Apr 19 '12 at 6:34
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In my experience, some NIC's work with ethtool, others with mii-tool. Both have approximately the same functionality. That is, see if mii-tool works for your card.

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What is the minor version of RHEL 5 ? There are a lot work done for Broadcom NetXtremee II BCM5709 in the kernel shipped with RHEL5.6 and higher. Upgrade the kernel by using following commands

yum update kernel ----->> if system is registered to RHN.

Else download the kernel and install using

rpm -ivh latest_Kernel_rpm

DO NOT use "rpm -Uvh" command

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