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I'm trying to install winswitch on CentOs 6. It requires 'nxagent'. But in centos, the package name is 'nx'. Is there a way to tell yum to skip checking the 'nxagent' dependency (i installed 'nx' already)? Specifying --skip-broken skips the whole thing

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Generally yum dont have option to ignore single package from dep. Option --skip-broken ignore all unresolved dependences. You can try "yum --exclude=packagename" but it exclude a specific package by name or glob from updates on all repositories not from deps.

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yum --exclude doesn't work on dependencies – DrStrangepork Feb 18 at 0:14
@DrStrangepork yes I know I wrote that in my answer – B14D3 Feb 18 at 6:38
Sorry, I can't undo my downvote. :( – DrStrangepork Feb 18 at 17:20
You can always upvote ;) @DrStrangepork – B14D3 Feb 19 at 10:01
I tried. "You last voted on this answer yesterday. Your vote is now locked in unless this answer is edited." Edit it and I will. – DrStrangepork Feb 19 at 13:56

This will install the package ignoring dependencies but automatically looking up the download URL from your repositories.

rpm -Uvh --nodeps `repoquery --location winswitch`

When updating, you can do the same command before doing a "yum update" so that winswitch will be properly updated.

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Fire this command line then go to ZzZz

yum install -y *python* --exclude=samba --exclude=python-functest --exclude=python-libturpial --exclude=python-rest-client --exclude=python-twitter --skip-broken

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