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We normally use autopart for patitioning. However, it's default sizing logic does not match our needs (we want to limit the size of the home logical volume).

When we try to manually partition the space (using part, volgroup, logvol) we run into the issue of not being able to make each volume group's name be based on the system (e.g., vg_delta1)

Does anyone have a solution for this? I initially thought we might be able to do template variables like so:

part pv.01 --size=1 --grow
volgroup vg_\$(name) pv.01

The problem is if the system's name had dashes and such. autopart deletes special characters. How do we imitate the same behavior?

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Generate the partitioning in the %pre section of your kickstart (which is simply a shell script). Dump it into a file, and then %include the file at the appropriate point in your kickstart. For example:

%include /tmp/disk.ks


cat > /tmp/disk.ks <<EOF
part pv.01 --size=1 --grow
volgroup vg_$(hostname) pv.01

Read more about %include here.

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Ahhhh smart. That way I could remove the special chars with shell tools. Thanks! – Belmin Fernandez Apr 21 '12 at 13:43

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