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OK so i freshly installed wampserver 2.2d, and my wamp managers menu looks like this (only about, refresh, help and exit)

I am using windows 7 x64

I suppose it should looks something different according to the screen shots on the sourceforge page of wamp server

I tried searching on google, questions asked by other user here but none of them were much informative, i was not able to solve the problem..

Disabled my AV's firewall (Windows Firewall also turned off)

When opened localhost page it said : (Don't Know why i tried this) Forbidden

Also Tried to kill the task using port 80 but no luck...

netstat -aon | findstr 0.0:80

to find out the PID of application using port 80

then killed it using

taskkill /F /PID pid

PS: Why is it that what works on Linux/UNIX well doesn't on Windows (After lots of efforts) and what works on Windows well (Games) don't work on Linux/UNIX, if it would have been FreeBSD or Ubuntu this would not be the scenario.."Apache loves BSD's and Linux"

Images removed you can find original question here http://paste.kde.org/460658/

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