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Below is the partial output from the df -h command. Notice /var is setup as its own filesystem but has reached 100% of its 2GB size.

How can I increase the size of the /dev/mapper/rootVG-var file system? There is definitely much more space available on the physical disk itself. This is Redhat release 5.8.

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on


                  2.0G  977M  876M  53% /


                  9.7G  2.7G  6.6G  29% /home


                  9.7G  1.2G  8.1G  13% /opt


                  3.4G   53M  3.2G   2% /tmp

                  2.0G  1.9G     0 100% /var
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Questioner was able to solve this with the following commands:

  1. Extend the size of the underlying volume lvextend -L10G /dev/mapper/rootVG-var
  2. Resize the filesystem to the new size of the underlying volume resize2fs /dev/mapper/rootVG-var

Originally posted as a comment by dabayl. Stealing in these situations is explicitly allowed and encouraged on SE sites.

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