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We are having following issue:

VIA DA cp I'v created subdomain : sub.domain.com.

The problem is: From host itself I can access as sub.domain.com so as www.sub.domain.com .(well apache runs here, so it is normal behaviour) From outer world I can access only www.sub.domain.com.

What might be the reasons that non-www address isn't accessable from outer world?

P.S. Currently I have only one version: on the same host we have sub.com domain registered. So they might somehow conflicting?

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Have you verified that it's a DNS issue and maybe not an Apache issue? You say you can't access the server using the domain name, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's DNS related. Try using dig or nslookup to query your DNS provider's servers and see what authoritative response you get for your new sub.domain.com.

Also, what level of access are you talking? Are you trying to access a web page at that new address? What happens if you try to ping the new subdomain? Does it resolve correctly on your end?

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(Have you) Add(ed) a blank or @ record to the zone file for your domain; Also provide the output of your zone file so we can all take a look

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