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I'm building a CCNA/CCNAS lab, I can get my hands on some cheap 2948 level 3 switches.

I was wondering if they also can be used for the CCNAS labs as I always see the 2950 mentioned for these. Are there any features that the 2950 has that the 2948 doesn't have?

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2950's are painted in light Cisco blue. 2948's aren't. Go ahead and use the 2948.

To be less tongue-in-cheek, you'll be able to do anything (and then a bit more on L3) with the 2948 than the 2950. I can't think of a reason to not use them. I'd throw in one 2950 just to have the variety and catch students who somehow get lost in the L2/L3 separation.

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2948G-L3s are extremely old (over 10 years) and extremely feature limited. They don't support a lot of things you would expect, and are, hardware wise, a mismash of really old IOS switches with the routing "brains" from a 8500 ATM switch router option card. When they have hardware failures, they can even send out syslogs about ATM cell failures. I'd look at 2600s instead - at least you can get code for them that will support most routing protocols and features correctly.

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