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Currently, the company I work for has nothing in the way of password management - everything is in a big excel spreadsheet that everyone has access to. Obviously this has a whole rash of issues attached to it, namely:

  • Staff have access to passwords they shouldn't have/don't need.
  • Anyone who can get access to a machine on the network can get full access to all the passwords.

So, I'm pushing for us to move to a new system....however, I don't have a whole lot of experience in this area, so I don't know what solution to suggest.

Essentially, I'm looking for some form of password management solution, where administrators can limit individual users to a limited subset of passwords, but while still having all the passwords in one (secure) place.

Assuming it's some form of server->client solution, it needs to have clients for both OS X and Windows (and ideally Linux, but not essential!)

If anyone has any recommendations, I'd love to hear them!



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There are quite a few tools out there that you can take a look at for what you're requesting:

My company was previously using a homebrewed PHP password manager, but we switched over to a commercial manager. I currently use Lastpass as my current personal password manager, but they also have an enterprise version which you can check out.

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Thanks, I'll look into these – LiamW Apr 23 '12 at 13:22


See if this former question will help: Company Password Management

I've looked at the same idea in the past, but we always end up back with a password-protected spreadsheet on a secure area in Sharepoint for IT staff.

The one I really liked personally was Cyber-Ark but it was just out of our price range.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the link - I would upvote your answer, but I don't have the reputation! – LiamW Apr 23 '12 at 13:22

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