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I've successfully set up an OpenSwan L2TP/IPsec VPN. PPP is used to authenticate the peer (via CHAP) and set up the virtual network interface, and that works well. My question: how can I cause pppd to write who logged in to syslog? I can tell who the unsuccessful logins are from, but not the successful ones.

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See the pppd manual page, you can either:

  1. Run it with the "debug" option.
  2. SIGUSR1 acts as a toggle for debugging messages. The syntax for sending a signal to a process is "kill -s USR1 [process ID]", you can get the process ID using the ps command.

Do note:

  • Both methods require you to edit /etc/syslog.conf accordingly so it shows debug level messages.

  • Both methods show a lot more than just successful logins, it will show all valid control packets sent or received.

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