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I'm considering using ext4 on encrypted LVM (which uses LUKS and dm-crypt). Will the transactional guarantees in ext4's journaling be preserved?

Bonus: where may I find authoritative information on this (besides the source)?

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Yes, it does, according to the reply on the dm-crypt mailing list:

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Meanwhile I'm not 100 % sure regarding what kind of EXT4 transactional guarantees you're talking about, I'd suggest trying mounting with write barriers turned on (by default, IIRC) and see whether it's supported.

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By transactional guarantees I just mean the generic guarantees made by any journaling filesystem such as ext4 - namely that the FS can always be in (or rather be quickly replayed/rolled back into) a consistent and uncorrupted state thanks to the journal. I assume that the write ordering setting (eg write barriers) is definitely respected. – Yang Apr 24 '12 at 7:11

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