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I've got perfmon displaying the current number of ASP.NET requests on a Windows 2008 server, all good there.

I've enabled the SNMP service and I can perform an snmpwalk (Linux command to browse the snmp MIBs) on the machine.

I'm now looking to export the perfmon data so I can read this via SNMP.

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I don't believe Performance Monitor counters are available through SNMP out of the box. There are some add-ons available that will add that functionality though.

A paid version: SNMP Informant

and a free one: SNMP Tools

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snmptools did the job perfectly. I couldn't export the native counters, but I used the "exec" with the included perf32.exe to print out the appropiate counters. For anyone interested also, the counter I've started with is \Web Service(_Total)\Total Connection Attempts (all instances) – Philip Reynolds Jul 9 '09 at 15:33

Install snmptools and add counters to the counters.ini file.Perfmon counters can be obtained using "Typeperf -qx" command. Example below shows counter.ini file with few general counters.

the base OID is

;% Processor Time - 2.1.x


counter=Processor\% Processor Time\_Total

;Memory - 5.1.x


counter=Memory\Available Bytes

;Paging File - 6.1.x

counter=Paging File(_Total)\% Usage

counter=Paging File(_Total)\% Usage Peak  

Restart SNMP, check returned values:
snmpget -v2c -c public hostname
iso. = STRING: "2235023360"

This counter returns available memory in Bytes.

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