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I have an EBS-root server at AWS that the service desk staff use for infrequent tasks, and I only want it to be turned on when they need it.

I would like the service desk to be able to go a web page that says

                              [Start the server]

Clicking that button will start the server, and set a CNAME to whatever address it comes up to using Amazon Route 53. This page could either prompt for a username and password, or have a hard coded IAM account.

Extra for experts would be if this system handled stopping the server after a programmable number of hours.

Before I write this - I expect the JS SDK would mean that the simple case can be done in a single web page - has anyone else written this or seen something that could do it?

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By the way were you able to develop it? – Pratap Nov 20 '15 at 7:57

Eric Hammond has some suggestions about using AWS auto-scaling to run instances on a schedule here

I would avoid creating DNS records, because of the time it takes for changes to propagate and inconsistent DNS server caching behavior.

Consider using an Elastic IP and registering an A record for that IP. When the instance starts, assign the IP to it (could do this in a cloud-init/user-data script). You'll pay a small per-hour charge for the EIP when not attached, but it's much less than per-hour instance charges.

I think the service desk web page could potentially be created with only browser-based JavaScript code,but you have to watch out for the limitations browsers put on cross-site scripting. I've not seen anything like this.

If you have some server/host that is running constantly, you could use it to handle starting and stopping the instances. I've previously run a small utility that would monitor an email inbox for messages that would trigger starting or stopping EC2 instances. If you have a cheap web host with shell access, you could set up a cron script to do this.

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Some options:

  1. Try exploring services like RightScale, Ylastic, etc. Some amount of customization and ACL has to be done for what you are asking.

  2. Custom develop a simple webapp using AWS SDK. There are options for Ruby, Java, .NET, etc. There is a service side JS framework here

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