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Using a virtualized instance on linode.com, I don't see where my bootloader is.

In the usual place where I would find grub, i.e. in /boot/grub/menu.lst, I don't see any files or directories below the /boot path. It's completely empty.

How do I find out where my bootloader is for my server instance on linode.com?

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The boot loader is the code executed immediately after booting the system; part of it resides in the MBR (sector 1, cylinder 1 of the boot disk), but that is only 512 bytes in size so it usually chainloads a bigger bootloader elsewhere.

If you don't have a /boot/grub (and the bootloader stages required to boot with grub), then you're not using grub.

See if /etc/lilo.conf exists, instead.

man lilo

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nope. no lilo either. Linode.com uses Xen virtualization so it does not use any bootloader like lilo or grub. The issue I am really trying to solve is to start up systemd after my linode instance is rebooted. –  Calvin Cheng Apr 24 '12 at 13:06

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