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For both Windows 7 and Windows XP the wireless network settings are being saved for all users.

I want to stop this behavior - force all users to enter their own credentials - plus kill any existing items in the shared list. I've found several references for how to address this using the GUI but nothing that I can do via group policy or registry. Anyone know how to address this?

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For Windows 7 :

To kill saved settings for all users under windows seven clear the contents of the folder c:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Wlansvc\Profiles\Interfaces. This can be achieved with a group policy folder preference.

To allow Windows 7 users to save wireless settings under their own profile publish the key HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\service\WLANSVC\Parameters\WlanAPIPermissions\Add New All User Profiles. I exported a copy of this key from a laptop with the desired settings and pushed it back out.

In my case this was a string containing the value


This value could probably be tweaked manually to totally stop the use of system stored locations but I didn't bother taking it that far.

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