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How can I manage Dell workstations with OpenManage Essentials ?

First, is it possible? Because iv read that only Dell servers can be managed with OME.

I would like to inventory each Dell workstations I have in my environment, and be able to see their service tag with warranty expiration, etc.

Or which product must I use to do this? There are so much Dell management products like OMCI, OMCC, ITA, etc!! I am so lost with all these products.

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If you have enough Dell workstations to need to manage them, you should also have a vendor rep or support contract that you can ask these questions. Once you have technical questions, not product questions, come here and fire away! – mfinni Apr 24 '12 at 20:09
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OME is only for servers - it uses the BMC and DRAC which don't exist on workstations.

OMCI is what you want - you'll need DCM (Dell Client Manager) to gather data from all of the clients.

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Also, whats about all the other Dell management products like ITA, OMSA, OMSM, etc. Also, it is very difficult to know if one of these product is still maintained. – Jonathan Rioux Apr 24 '12 at 23:49

Keep an eye out for the next version of OME in Q4/2012 that will add a bit of client support.


ps. on your other question: OME pretty much replaces ITA. OMSA is still up to date for your 1-to-1 management. You can use OME + OMSA.

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From where did you get this information please? Can you provide me with your source? – Jonathan Rioux Oct 13 '12 at 4:26

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