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Are there any products available in IIS7.5 that allow Administration of IIS (Application Pools, Virtual Directories, e.g.: using System.DirectoryServices) via a Website?

Something that I can put Windows Auth on and not have to login to the machine to administer / setup new applications?

I have not found anything online & my Google-foo may be growing weaker...

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My assumption is that you are looking for a Windows equivalent to Webmin, however there are some potential other solutions too. Keep in mind a preference for strong authentication too! Enough with the caveats, here are some methods.

Remote display method over HTTP/S

client -HTTP/HTTPS- Server -remote display protocol- Server

You can install the RDP Active X control in order to do that.

Furthermore, you can use RDP competitors that have HTTP or HTTPS interfaces such as VNC and *VNC variants

Other options embeddable in webpages such as Citrix, and other protocols are options too.

Scriptable webshells

You can use Windows 8 web based powershell, IPSweb, WebPSconsole, and numerous java applets, however, I don't think that is what you are looking for based on your comments.

Web based administration tools specific to hosting environments

This category opens up tools like Plesk, Webmin (limited Windows support), H-Sphere, Hosting Controller, and Cpanel (believe Windows support is in beta). Openpanel and others are heading towards windows support too. I think this category of tools best meets your stated requirements and is fertile ground for an analysis of alternatives.

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Thanks, Brennan -- I'm more interested in something purely web-based that does not rely on RDP/VNC. It's possibly programmatically so I assumed something would exist. – xeb Apr 25 '12 at 12:04
The web UIs that I mentioned are actually purely web-based from a client perspective (HTTP or HTTPS). The server - server communications, would of course use a display protocol of one type or another. – Brennan Apr 25 '12 at 14:46

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