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My question is not exactly what the subject suggests..

I got a couple of files that I believe are WinPE files + a .WIM image..

Here is the folder tree:

enter image description here

The OS12.wim file is 5-GB in size.

Inside the boot folder there's a BCD and BOOT.SDI files.

Inside the sources folder there's a boot.wim file.

My question is how do I put all that on a bootable DVD or USB?

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Might be easier to describe what you're trying to do.

The Windows Automated Installation Kit has utilities (copype.cmd, oscdimg.exe) to build bootable PE media.

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Take a look at BartPE.

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Bootable USB: Format with NTFS on a Vista/7/2008/R2 machine, then copy the files over.
Making a bootable CD is slightly more complicated....

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